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fighter practice

Sir Brom and Lord NathanHE Sir Brom O'Brien and Lord Nathan


Welcome the Barony of Eldern Hills Heavy Fighting. We are a group that enjoys medieval combat and having new people join out of pure morbid curiosity. First though, I should explain what heavy combat really is. Have you ever watched a movie about the medieval ages and imagined yourself in full armor fighting against the dark knight, riding across a field in glory and getting the girl in the end. Well, we do most of that. Our fighters wear armor of many different types to include leather, steel, and chainmaille. The weapons that are used are made from rattan and cut to different lengths to simulate medieval weapons such as swords, pole arms, axes, and maces. There are safety requirements involved. We just can’t throw on a garbage can and beat each other senseless. Amusing as it may be to watch in the backyard, and even though true medieval combat was deadly, we are not out to kill each other. SCA Heavy Combat is considered to be honorable combat. A heavy blow is necessary to be considered a legal hit. So come check us out and we will be glad to have you join us in full armor combat and have fun.

Knights Marshal

Eldern Calendar of scheduled practices.

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