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Greetings unto Eldern Hills,

As many of you know Their Excellencies Brom and Audrella announced at
Eldern they are stepping down. This begins a transition time for the
populace until their successors are name. To insure that everyone has the
information given at the Planning Meeting this last week a brief summary is
as follows.

May-current B&B announce plans to step down (done)
June-official announcment is made in Baronial Newsletter (done)
NR seneschal addresses populous on rules for polling (seneschal's handbook)
announcement is made on the local list (done)
July 7th-deadline for candidates to declare
Ballot published in Baronial newsletter BEFORE candidate interviews
July 21-(possibly July 28th at Steppes Artisan?) candidate interviews
Aug.14 -Polling
Sept.-candidate choice is announced by Crown
Oct.-stepping up at Samhain

*Summary of discussion*

Candidate announcements will be forthcoming as soon as Letter of Intent is
made available.
Copy of ballot will be in next newsletter
Please keep discussion of candidates off the lists. Any questions for the
candidates should be directed to them personally
Results of the polling will not be discussed, it will be sent to Their
Majesties and The Heirs
Comments about candidates should be sent to Their Majesties
crown(at)ansteorra(dot)org and Their Highnesses coronet(at)ansteorra(dot)org when they
are chosen

I am available for any questions.

I remind

Yours in service,

Muirenn inghean Chonaill
Northern Regional Seneschal


Letters of Intent

Lord Aiden and Lady Sabiha


Lord Daniel and Lady Fionnghuala

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