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Greetings unto Eldern Hills,

As many of you know Their Excellencies Aiden and Sabiha announced at
Red Plains they are stepping down. This begins a transition time for the
populace until their successors are named. To ensure that everyone has the
information given at the Planning Meeting, a brief summary is as follows.

*Baronial Polling Timeline*
June 6 - Informational Meeting

July 1 - Letters of intent due to Crown & Coronet

July 15- Final Polling Form and one page candidate letters (with contact information) published to Baronial website
Candidate Interviews to be coordinated for Saturdays in Aug. & Sept.

Aug. 5 - Final Polling Form and one page candidate letters (with contact information) published in Baronial newsletter

Aug. 12 - Reminder to send commentary to Crown & Coronet before Sept. 12

Sept. 5 - Baronial Polling

Sept. 12 - Absentee Polls and Commentary due date

End of Sept. - Crown Announces Decision

Oct. 28 - Investiture of new B&B at Samhain

*Polling Clarifications*

Baronial pollings are not a democratic vote and do not necessarily determine
who will be chosen for a position. Rather, pollings provide a way for the Crown
to hear and consider the opinions of the populace on the matter of
Baronial succession.
The Crown considers many factors when choosing new Landed Nobility, including the results of the polling.

*Candidate Discussion*

Candidate discussion on email lists and social media should be avoided.
If you have questions for the baronial candidates, contact them directly, not on a list.
The Crown and Kingdom Seneschal will determine if there will be candidate Q&A sessions or speeches
to be conducted at local functions.

*Candidate Interviews*

If baronial candidates have an overwhelming reason not to be available to
meet with the Crown and Heirs at the designated time
they must make an effort to meet with the Crown in another venue before Polling Date

*Where to send Commentary*

The opinion poll form does not include space for written commentary, so any commentary about
the baronial cnadidates should be emailed directly to the Crown at crown(at)ansteorra.org
and to the Heirs at coronet(at)ansteorra.org.
Do not send commentary to the Kingdom or Regional Seneschal.

*Who can fill out an opinion poll form?*

Everyone: member and non-members, residents and non-residents.
If you are a member, bring proof of membership with you to the polling on September 5.

*Absentee Polling Forms*

The Kingdom Seneschal will establish the procedures for absentee polling.
Typically, this will entail the person wishing to poll emailing the Kingdom Seneschal for a ballot
and returning the completed ballot to the Kingdom Seneschal by email prior to the deadline established.
This is so all may have the opportunity to participate in the polling.
Polling multiple times is not permitted.

*Results of the Polling*

The results of the baronial polling will not be made public.
This is the norm for opinion polls conducted in Ansteorra. The results of the polling will be known only by
the Kingdom Seneschal, the Crown, and the Coronet.
The results will not be shared with anyone else: not the candidates, not the current local Landed Nobility,
not the populace, no one. If anyone hints that they know the numbers, they are not from this plane of existence.

Please understand that the poll is a measure of your opinions, not a democratic vote.
The Crown alone makes the decision, in consultation with their Heirs.

If anyone has any questions, they may contact the Kingdom Seneschal.

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