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Eldern Event


October 26-28, 2018

Camp Graham Ball
12442 FM 368
Holliday, TX 76366
GPS: +33°40'09.42", -98°46'31.31"
Google Map at bottom of page

Site opens at 4 PM on Friday October 26th, 2018 and closes at 11 AM on Sunday, October 28th, 2018

Site Fees
Adults Registration (18+): $17
Member Discount Registration: $12
Child Registration (6-16): $5
Youth Registration (0-5) & Under: FREE
Family Max Registration: $36

RV $15 a day hook-up fee


A la Carte

Feast provided by

Sir Brom O'Brien
Centurion Daniel Schade

First Remove - Cheese, Breads, Spreads, Sliced Sausage with mustard
Second Remove - Barley Soup, Breads
Third Remove - Sausages (bangers), Potatoes, (mash), Roasted Vegetables in Garlic Butter
Fourth Remove - Chocolate Cake

Drinks - Water, Tea, Lemonade

Feast is First Come First Served

For questions regarding feast (food concerns, allergies, etc.) please contact:
Brom O'Brien or Daniel Schade

Tavern provided by

Shire of Brad Leah

*pricing subject to change

Fritatas with or without meat $2
Pig in a Blanket $2
Fruit 2pc. $1
Boiled Egg 2 $1
Honey Cakes $?
16 oz. Coffee $1

Rosemary Ranch Chicken Kebabs $3
Steak on a Stick $3
Veggie Pies $2
Pizza Rolls $2
Any leftover fruit, boiled eggs, and honey cakes $?
Possible dipping sauces - Ranch and Tzatziki

This site offers cabins and RV hookups for those traveling in.

To make cabin or RV reservations please contact:
Lady Rois inghean Feardorcha
No Calls after 9pm


Clan Wars
*Period Encampment Competition
*Geis Tourney
*Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship
*Baronial Cut & Thrust Championship
*A&S Competition
*Scottish Games
Children's Activities
Samhain Fire

*All competitions will have a buy-in of one Largesse item

Clan Wars

Each Clan will be led by A Bold and Fierce Woman of Ansteorra!
The Clan with the most points before court will be declared winners.
What do they win? A chest of treasures.

Points will be awarded for things like participating in fighting or other championships,
participating in activities, volunteerism, efforts to dress the part(best attempt at period),
points can be awarded by the pleasure of Their Excellencies Eldern Hills.
Only designated people can award points. Children will get
to earn points just like the adults to contribute to their clan!

**Belted kilts are documented to have been worn in the late 1500s.

Period Encampment Competition

The SCA is about anachronistically recreating history.
We will be celebrating this very thing with a Period encampment competition!
10 foot rule will apply.

Geas Tourney

In Celtic Myth and Legends the greatest of heroes were all but undefeatable.
In many stories they could only be defeated by knowing what Geas, or hidden weakness,
could be used on them, eventually causing their defeat.
The Celtic Geas tournament re-enacts these conditions on the field.
There will be five rounds, where the combatants will spin each round for their Geas.
Only if your opponent hits your weak point can you be defeated on the field.
All other shots or hits do not count as a kill shot.
The weapon selection will also change each round.
Come see if you are as strong as Cu Chulainn, Fionn Mac Cumhaill, or Oision.

Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship

Baronial Cut & Thrust Championship


A&S Competition

Scottish Games

Please make checks payable to SCA Inc, Barony of Eldern Hills.
Alcohol is permitted in Period Containers Only.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
They may also attend with a 21 year or older adult with
a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.
No ground fires are allowed.
Fires in a raised fire-pit are permissable depending on fire ban restrictions at the time of the event.
Pets must be on a leash and have current shot records.

For all other questions please contact the Autocrat:
Lady Rois inghean Feardorcha  (Jennifer Smith-Cruz)
No calls after 9 pm

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