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Eldern Event

Samhain Celebration

Royal Huntsman  &

Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance


October 28-30, 2016

Camp Graham Ball
Holliday, TX 76366
GPS: +33°40'09.42", -98°46'31.31"
Google Map at bottom of page

Site Fees
Adults 18+: $17
w/ Member Discount: $12
Children 6-17: $6
Youth 5 & Under: FREE
Member Family Max: $36


Breakfast - $3
Lunch - $3

We are excited for all to attend as we choose our new Bardic, Arts and Science, and Thrown Weapons Champions.

Feast will be provided by

Lady Delesse de Beaumarchais (Melissa Fryday)
479-459-0933 No Calls after 9pm

First Remove - Irish Sausage, Corned Beef, Mustard,
Butter, Guinness Cheese Spread, Irish Brown Bread, Soda Bread
Second Remove - Shepherds Pie
Third Remove - Roasted Pork and Vegetables
Fourth Remove -  Irish Whiskey Cake, Shortbread, Yellow Man (Period Toffee)
Drinks - Sweet Tea, Lemonade, Water

Feast is First Come First Served

Menu Ingredients for Allergy Notification

For questions regarding feast (food concerns, allergies, etc.) please contact:
Lady Delesse de Beaumarchais

Tavern provided by Lady Znata Zelenaia & Lord Gerhardt Pfister.

Breakfast - Oatmeal, Assorted Fruit, Bacon & Spinach Quiche

Lunch - Mushroom Onion & Spinach Quiche, Tomato Basil Soup

Drinks - Coffee, Lemonade, & Tea

This site offers cabins for those traveling in.

To make cabin reservations please contact:
Lady Gyna Brusidotther
No Calls after 9pm
Texts preferred

This site has RV hookups


Royal Huntsman
Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Championship
Geass Competition for Chivalric & Light

Baronial Arts and Science Championship
Baronial Thrown Weapons Championship
Baronial Bardic Championship
Beginner Arts & Science Competition
Children's Activities
Samhain Fire


Royal Huntsman

Target Archery
One round of Combat Archery at static target
(Helms and Demi-gauntlets required, no loaner equipment will be available)

Kingdom Middle Eastern Dance Championship

Information Here

Geas Competition

            In Celtic, Welsh, and Scottish Mythology there were heroes larger than life with skills well beyond their fellow man. They were unstoppable on the field of battle save for one weakness, a Geass that should they break, would cost them everything.
 Like the Heroes of the Celtic myths and legends, participants will
        roll each round of combat to select what their “Geass” will be. Participants cannot lose the battle until
        that body part is hit in that round.  Each round the weapons will be changed and a new Geass will be rolled.
Both participants will have the Geassed are of their body marked each round, and YES it is legal to protect that area at all cost! The best of five rounds will take the prize as our Geass Champion.
There will be a Chivalric and Light Geass tournament. The weapons allowed for each round will be posted Friday night at the site.

Arts & Sciences Competition

Documentation required

Beginner's Arts & Sciences Competition

If you  are not feeling up to tackling the beast known as documentation, but would like to show off your skills or even something you have started working on you are welcome to enter our Beginner's A&S competition. Winners will be picked by a populous vote Saturday. For the Beginner's A&S there is no documentation required, however if you have some information you would like to bring, or even documentation you would like to present, you are more than welcome to bring it as well. 

Bardic Competition

The Bardic competition will consist of 3 pieces.

At least one piece should be a filk or an original piece, but more than one is welcome.
We can't wait to be dazzled by your words!

We will have our Samhain Fire Saturday night following evening court.

Site opens at 4 PM on Friday October 28th, 2016 and closes at 12 PM on Sunday, October 30th, 2016.
Please make checks payable to SCA Inc – Eldern Hills.
Alcohol is permitted in Period Containers Only.
Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.
They may also attend with a 21 year  or older adult with a signed and notarized Minor Event Waiver Form from the parents.

For all other questions please contact the Autocrats:
Lord Kenneth MacAllister  (Paul Williams)
No calls after 9 pm

Lady Gyna Brusidotther (Gena Williams)
No calls after 9 pm

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